"Designing and planning of SCENAR course"
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  • Concepts of energy - information medicine: health, adaptation, disease, healing laws
  • Principles of the building and designing of the procedures during SCENAR course: sequence of the choice of the methods following healing rules and hierarchy principles
  • Groups of the methods:
  •  - drainage methods (cleaning methods, lymph drainage, excretion organ projection  - energy methods (meridians treatment, chakras methods, energy points, joints treatment, Kundalini methods)  - mental methods (craniotherapy, 6 points, monad method, mental triangles, mental spirals, 6 Points on the face and on the abdomen)  - adaptation system methods  - local treatments (new approach)
  • Princeples of the end of SCENAR course (energy ellipses , daily energy method, vaccinations)
  • Groups of the methods according theories of U-Sin, Yin - Yang, Rhythm, Daily energy flow
  • The Styles of decision making and designing of SCENAR procedures.
  • Education through practice