• SCT Neurology
  • Construction and functions of nerve system
    Simple neurology tests
  • Special neurology methods for CNS:
  • Parkinson methods (CNS Accords)
  • Alzheimer’s disease (Twin squares, Galina on a face)
  • Stroke methods (6 Points of the face and on the abdomen)
  • High cranial pressure methods (face’s stars)
  • MS methods (Reciprocate chakras method, 3Pathways with mushrooms)
  • Myelopathy methods (Delane Pyramid)
  • Special neurology methods for ANS:
  • Migraine methods (Top, 5 Points on the face, Square on the face
  • Diencephalon syndrome treatment (Chakras pairs)
  • Ganglionitis treatments (Kudu Khaya stars)
  • Dis-tonia methods (New Wings)
  • Raynaud’s disease methods (Muscle lines, 3 Lines on the limbs)
  • Special neurology methods for PNS:
  • Plexitis treatments (Meridians methods)
  • Nevritis treatments (Ring’s troikas, Limb stars, 5 directions by Fudzito)
  • Radiculitis treatments (Lower back nines, methods with rectal electrode)
  • Cranial nerves methods(“Caretaker”, Facial lines)
  • Spondylosis treatments (Lines of the force)