Diag 5. “Advance level”

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  • Method Nakatani, history of the method, concept of Riodoraku – lines
  • Mechanisms of RISTA measurement
  • Concepts of meridian, their features, clinical symptoms
  • Concepts of meridian, their features, clinical symptoms
  • 7 principles of the diagnostics of meridian
  • Normal indications in RISTA diagnostics
  • The Schemes of the conclusions on meridians
  • Models of TCM (Chi, Chgan and Phu organs, Yin – Yang, U – Sin
  • Principles of TCM in SCENAR therapy (along circle of the circulations to energy, Lo and Shu points, along LMM)
  • Rules of the choice of meridian for treatment: methods of the processing meridian, using outside electrodes
  • Codes for SCENAR therapy
  • Visualization of dynamics in SCENAR therapy using RISTA maps
  • Using RISTA maps for home users of SCENAR devices (the schemes of recommendations)


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